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Space world! - lordofpain - 01-19-2012

Hey! After joining the voxel box server for a brief momment, i discovered a few cool features that it had to offer. The best feature by far was one of their worlds that they had, the space world. This alowed players to build epic space ships, and what ever they desired that finds its home in space. This world would also be very light weight due to the only blocks being the ones that were placed by players. If we got this world, players builds would be of another level, imagine someone building a millennium falcon, on the server or an enterprise! If you guys like this idea please comment on it. I will research it and see what information i can get for it.


RE: Space world! - MetalicPenguin4 - 01-20-2012

I think that spaceworld is a really good idea. I just think that if we get one, a lot of people who aren't too good at building will come up and kinda ruin it. All of our builders aren't as good as the ones on Voxel. We let everyone in, good at building or bad. If we get a spaceworld, I don't think there will be that many epic spaceship. What about zoning? Would we have them go out and make blocks to cover their zone. The corners of my zones are usually a place i haven't built on...I think this'll be a challenge for some players that like big zones.

RE: Space world! - lordofpain - 01-20-2012

well Meta, if we were to have a space world, it would only be OP+. If we make it OP+ then there will be no need for zones (due to OPs having the highest trust) and would only alow experienced builders. May i also suggest the use of creative mode in this world, for people who attempt truly massive structures such as a space station.

RE: Space world! - fireb4llz - 01-20-2012

This sounds like a great idea Big Grin
I love it Smile

RE: Space world! - BlackChaos - 01-20-2012

I would definitely agree with this if I were an Op. Tongue
But seriously, I do hope the map can atleast be accessed publicly for other members to gape at in their free time.

EDIT: I found a map we can use for the space world:

RE: Space world! - Mayhem - 01-20-2012

Good job BC and I agree Sad No access would be bad. Though too many inexperienced players would be a problem. Maybe T6+? Since you can become OPit from there and have therefore, a chance to already enter Smile

RE: Space world! - lordofpain - 01-20-2012

Maybe May, but we don't want people building houses and space junk in this world Tongue. If the T6 in question is considered an experienced builder by an OP.

RE: Space world! - Mayhem - 01-20-2012

Alright Lord Smile
Time To Become EXPERIENCED! [remember's he's B2].....Darn Sad

RE: Space world! - Flyingfruitloops - 01-20-2012

Darnit cant go into space world XD

RE: Space world! - 9bjames - 01-20-2012

Hey, meant to comment on my own ideas for this yesterday, but I'm definitely all for it. =P
I agree, it should definitely be OPit+ only for building, but others should be allowed to access and look around. Reason being, players below OPit aren't allowed flymod, so firstly it'd make it difficult to even begin a build... secondly, like others have said, we don't want random dirt shacks littering the place... XD
Again, like lord said, it should probably be creative, and I was even thinking the portal to it could be inside creative. :3
So in other words... you step through the creative portal, come out the other end into a spawn type building, and look to your left or soemthing to find a huge ominous gate... to the stars and beyond... :3

I really hope we can get this world in, sounds like it could be epic. :D
Ooh! And for the space world spawn it could be a space station or something!