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Steam Name Thread - fireb4llz - 01-03-2013

Well, Fuggnutz asked people to stop posting their steam name on the XBL/PSN thread so I thought I might as well start a Steam thread.

SteamID: Fire897

Also, be sure to join the CFEW Steam group!

RE: Steam Name Thread - lordofpain - 01-03-2013


RE: Steam Name Thread - theeaussiepom - 01-03-2013

Old Gregg

(This is actually my steam account not made up like psn and xbl)

RE: Steam Name Thread - FUGGNUTZ - 01-04-2013

My name is FUGGNUTZ. I'm an admin of the Steam group, so message me about anything there.

RE: Steam Name Thread - blueapplepiedude - 01-04-2013

That Potato's A Spy or bluepat95

RE: Steam Name Thread - shadster16 - 01-04-2013


RE: Steam Name Thread - BlackChaos - 01-04-2013


RE: Steam Name Thread - clownfish - 01-04-2013

Thanks for this fire897. I have really enjoyed being able to keep in touch with everyone over steam during the holidays.

Steam ID: CFEW Clownfish
(there are quite a few 'Clownfish's' on steam. So check my name on the official CFEW steam community page listed on the #1 post by fire897.

Steam me!

RE: Steam Name Thread - boxmana - 01-04-2013

my steam names dragonlordjared Tongue

RE: Steam Name Thread - Thomas - 01-07-2013

Id: Thomas, Zylian or tomstr123