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Changelog - Indrae - 12-29-2013

This thread will be used to announce small changes and bug fixes.

  • PvP Arenas can now only be joined when the player is in Game World. This should prevent any inventory loss.
  • The /gamemode command is no longer used in Creative World. Players automatically have their gamemode set to creative when entering CW.
  • Guest, Member, Honored, VIF, OPit, and OP have now been color coded. Guest is White, Member is Dark Green, Honored is Gold, VIF is Grey, OPit is Aqua, OP is Blue, SuperOP is Purple, and Admin is Red.
  • Players can now use "/mv list" to get a list of the worlds that the server has to offer. Use "/mv list 2" to get to the second page. The "NORMAL", "NETHER", and "THE_END" next to each world name simply refers to what type of environment each world has.

RE: Changelog - Indrae - 10-02-2014

  • The server now uses the craftconomy plugin to provide economic functions. More info about this plugin can be found here:
  • Zombie Pigmen will no longer spawn from nether portals in SW. They will continue to spawn in the survival nether.

RE: Changelog - Indrae - 05-20-2015

  • The voting plugin should now correctly reward diamonds again when voting on the sites listed on
  • The afk auto-kick feature has been re-enabled. It will now kick players and OPs who have been offline for 30 minutes.

RE: Changelog - whitelily36 - 05-23-2015

  • Added /tp commands to SW and reduced the teleport wait time to 5 minutes

RE: Changelog - Indrae - 05-29-2015

  • "Forum Suggestions and Feedback" board merged into the "Suggestions and Feedback" board.

RE: Changelog - Indrae - 06-13-2015

  • Added "/kit survive" in Survival World.
  • /fly now works again for all players in the Server Spawn

RE: Changelog - whitelily36 - 09-30-2015

  • Added the ability for players to do /home from inside SW.

RE: Changelog - whitelily36 - 05-14-2016

Separated MyPets in worlds. Skilltrees removed from pets in SW.

RE: Changelog - whitelily36 - 05-16-2016

Added /recipe. In game do /recipe item and you will see the crafting recipe for that item. Smile

RE: Changelog - whitelily36 - 07-23-2016

You now die if you fall into the void in SW End.. so be careful Tongue.

Disguises are back! Do /disguise to see what you can disguise as... it is activated in Main World, Gameworld, and our creative worlds!