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My Ban Appeal - iTzGeorgeXp - 03-01-2012

Hi Im Powerdrainer3 Now Because My iTzGeorgeXp one got hacked I would like to start fresh with my relasion ships with everyone on Cfew because i very enjoy thhat server and i think ive had enough time away from everyone to restart i still sincerly apologise for my old immaturity last year but its a new year lets leave it behind us and start new!!! I Would Like To Be unbanned soon as possible but its up to you guys to let me i hope you think ive matured!! through these last couple of months

RE: My Ban Appeal - Justin Case Kazoo - 03-01-2012

Uh, I don't think getting a new account means you would be unbanned. And from the previous thread, we had all decided to leave you banned, so I don't think you'll be let back onto the server.

RE: My Ban Appeal - theeaussiepom - 03-01-2012

I think the ban should stick, new account doesn't mean another chance.

RE: My Ban Appeal - boxmana - 03-01-2012

Ya george buying another account doesnt get you unbanned. The best you can do is just wait.

RE: My Ban Appeal - MetalicPenguin4 - 03-01-2012

What would a new account do? You're still the same iTzGeorgeXp...

RE: My Ban Appeal - 9bjames - 03-02-2012

He only stated he has a new account because his old one got hacked, that's all. Don't get hung up on it and start persecuting because of it, he's just stating so people know he has a new account (either that or being dishonest *cough*).
Ignoring that, he is just asking for another chance to start anew.
I'm not saying we should give it to him, I'm just getting annoyed at lazy readers here pointing, out and getting stuck on one thing, before persecuting based on loose assumptions... and then others just jumping in on the band wagon. -.-

RE: My Ban Appeal - Justin Case Kazoo - 03-02-2012

Yeah, but the title says "My Ban Appeal", and on the fb page he asked for the website so he could appeal again. That's why people are saying no to being unbanned.

RE: My Ban Appeal - 9bjames - 03-02-2012

That's not what I'm protesting against, it's the whole general: derp posted - "oh, herp de derp derp", herp replied - "yeah! derpa herpa herp!", herpina - "I agree with both herp and derp, it's derp-de derpingly herp!"
It's... it's just....
[Image: epic-jackie-chan-template.png]
Band wagon!

RE: My Ban Appeal - Justin Case Kazoo - 03-02-2012

Well, I'm just going to state that I said it first. *Challenge Accepted face*

RE: My Ban Appeal - 9bjames - 03-02-2012

[Image: what-have-you-done-meme-rage-face.jpg]