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TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - TheDJTec - 01-07-2012

On the old forums, we had a thread about this.
Blah blah blah, I agree to stop trolling. I will act maturely on the server from now on.

RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - fireb4llz - 01-07-2012

Ya i think we were waiting for clown to post the chat logs

RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - nopi0 - 01-07-2012


RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - 9bjames - 01-08-2012

So... good weather we're having.

RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - MetalicPenguin4 - 01-08-2012

yeah james, it's pretty good. Not bad for January. xD

RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - lordofpain - 01-08-2012

I think that as long as dj stops trolling, and we leave 'un-resolved' issues and feuds out of the server, dj can be un-banned.

RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - FUGGNUTZ - 01-08-2012

The only problem I see with this is we don't necessarily know if he will stop or not because he's banned. Let him on, regardless.

RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - nopi0 - 01-09-2012

I highly disagree with unbanning him.I still want to see the chat logs and for you all to see them.He want's to complain about poppy getting tons of chances and no one putting a stop to it then we shall start with him.

RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - clownfish - 01-09-2012

Chat logs coming after I fix 2 major server bugs (spawn & ??).. Other than selecting this clip of chat log (Time A to Time B) and hiding the IP addresses, should I mask any players names and hide all private chat? What would be fair to everyone involved?

RE: TheDJTec[Ban Appeal] - nopi0 - 01-09-2012

you should hide pms because i dont think they matter if you feel they do you may show mine.