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ATTN All CFEW Friends - clownfish - 04-23-2012

Friends of CFEW,

I'm not sure where to begin. This is a very challenging time in life for me, but I've come to a point in my life where it needs to change. My family needs me more than ever now, and I must be there for them.

I never want the LOVE and FRIENDSHIP we have all shared at CFEW to stop. The catch is my role as admin must stop.

OPs, SOPs, All my friends - CFEW has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Each day I have shared in the fun and excitement of a miniature world on my computer growing and expanding.

Here's what I know right now.
The server can stay on for months on end as far as I'm concerned.
I'm not able to be admin daily and the server will need to be cared for and updated.
Are there any SOPs who want to host or just have the CFEW server as a whole?
Should I post the map files only for those who want to 'have' the builds they have worked on for so long?

I know may sound bad to many... and out of my LOVE to each and everyone of you... I'm not going to simply 'Turn Off the server' and disappear. But I won't be able to be admin and lead CFEW.

I will keep in touch by forum (not daily but every 3 days to 1 week). I will also reply to all emails per week.

Private message 'clownfish' here. Private message me on or email me:

This is very hard for me because I love the server, all that has happened here, and all of you. I don't want to loose all of this, but my life must change... my family needs me.

I do want to here from my closest CFEW friends and SOPs if anyone has any ideas on what to do. Does anyone want to adopt the world and make it their own? Do close friends just want a copy of their builds?

Take care!
-Love Admin-Clownfish

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - 9bjames - 04-23-2012

I think the main great feature of this server isn't just the builds and worlds... but the people, the community, and the general attitude of the server... I don't think anyone here would want it to end... it's been too much fun, for some maybe even too much of a commitment...
I would personally love to be able to host a server as great as this, but not only do I think I wouldn't be capable in terms of hardware and keeping it running, but I don't even think I'd even be anywhere close to an adequate replacement, compared to the role you've led...
To anyone who thinks this is pointless praise, kissing up for approval, or however you want to put it, all I can say is no. I don't think anyone could deny ClownFish the respect he deserves for the job he's done, and I genuinely do have a lot of respect for Clown myself. I just wanted to mention that I don't think we could ever let this server "die"... and that anyone to take over Clown's position as server admin would have to be just as responsible, friendly, and devoted as Clown has been himself. We shouldn't let the feel of the server deteriorate. Personally, if possible I don't want anything about this server to change, apart from the updates and changes that have to be made.
No matter what anyone else says, even if Minecraft is just a game, CFEW is more than just that.
I hope others agree with me...

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - clownfish - 04-23-2012

@James - Thank you very much for your kind and true words. Your absolutely right.. the main great feature is the 'community and attitude of this server'. Worlds are cool, but it's the good times, lol, friendship, that is where it's at.

To all - Please cherrish and enjoy all the good memories of CFEW. I hope I have greatly inspired others to make their own servers. Please continue to enjoy and share all the friendships that have been made here.

The Server is not suddenly going to be turned off. You may still meet visit the server. I know I'm a huge part of the server, and it's not the same without me as an admin . . . but I cannot just make it all disappear in a blink.

OPs - Friends - Feel free to give me thoughts and ideas. Being admin is immensely fun, but also very demanding if done alone. A community like CFEW would be best cared for in a trusted Admin group of close friends. Multiple admins is best.

Again I will forever LOVE what CFEW is. It is one of the best experiences of my life. I absolutely love the server and many of the thousands of wonderful friends I have meet. My life just demands that I change and take good care of my family now. It's not that I don't want to do or love CFEW .. it's just I must make a very tough decision.

Were do things go from here?
The CFEW community may continue to use:
The forum, the website, our facebook page ( ), and the server.
I know it's not the same without me as an admin, but I must allow the community this access and time to understand and accept this change.

My closest CFEW friends and OPs+ may email and contact me as much as they wish. I'm not dead, I'm not suddenly gone, and I love you all very much. It's just my life has to change. You are all my friends and are for life as far as I'm concerned. If you have anything to say or ask ever... anytime, even years form now... You may contact me:

I will keep the forum, website, and my email in tact for years. You may still meet friends and discuss things here.

In the immediate ... I must ask OPs what we do with the server. As a group we should come to a consensus. It's of no problem to leave the server online to me. It automatically restarts each 12 hours and will still backup. I think it's best to allow the server a chance to accept this 'Admin' goodbye.

I know many will have strong feelings about all of this.. It is a lot to take in and very hard for me to leave. Please know I'm here - talk with me, PM me, email me....

I won't be on daily or frequent... but I will stay in contact... each 3 days to weekly at most.

(OPS see my post in the OP section)

Take good care!
-Love in a very Minecraft Admin way


~ @ Splash @ ~ ^_^

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - BlackChaos - 04-23-2012

CFEW was the first Minecraft server I truly ever had fun being a part of. The community, the friends I made, the epic castle I built... none of it would have come into existence without CFEW. I, for one, do not want to see it switched off anytime soon.
You were the one who inspired me to bring a minecraft server on my own forum G3F and I am forever grateful to you. I have learned so much because of this community, I refuse to just sit by while there's a chance of it coming to an end.

Clownfish, I will do everything in my power to keep this forum up and running for as long as I can. If need be, you can transfer the responsibility of hosting the forum and site over to me if it ever becomes a burden for you. I will see to it that this forum remains for a very long time. Its the least I could do.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - clownfish - 04-23-2012

@BlackChoas - Thank you very much for you kind words. It is an honor to know you, be a friend, and to have had your help with our forum. Yes CFEW has been an amazing platform, a community for great friendships and builds for very close to 2 years.

Yes I'm happy to keep everything online. The only thing that needs to change right away is my 'daily role as admin'. Perhaps there is an alternative and I'm open to so many ideas. It's very nice to know I've been an inspiration to you. Best of luck to you and your future forum and server ventures!

I would really appreciate your skill and help keeping this forum in great condition. I'll be here, but not daily. As I need to give much time to my life and family now.

Do you still have admin access to the forum. If you would, please take lead admin role on the overall forum needs. This would help me a lot. I'll still keep my admin status and pressence here, but what little forum admin needs are here. please help out when you can.

As far as hosting the forum. I'm perfectly happy keeping it hosted. Thanks for the offer on hosting. If I ever do need your help with that, I'll give you a shout.

Again -- Thank you very very much BlackChaos! You have been immense help and are a great friend!


RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - BlackChaos - 04-23-2012

Yes, I still have admin access. I'll always be there for CFEW. Me and the staff will keep this forum running smooth as ice blocks. You don't need to focus any of your worries towards the forum for now.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - clownfish - 04-23-2012

@BlackChaos - Thank you and your staff so much! I'll focus on the CFEW community / server replies and needs. ^_^

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - alowe2 - 04-23-2012

Noooo D: owww.... Damn. Cfew was my 1st server and ur the best admin ever D': ghh thats a shame. Id hapily be an adminy type guy but i have school and stuff ahaa.. And iv not been on much lately :/ maybe you could make another group called mods or moderators and just have some current sops take that role. Its such a shame u have to retire :[[ so ur not able to host ither? Or u can but not update it and stuff? :/ Ill be happy to help as much as i can. Still a student tho hehe and who ever or if ever some1 completely takes ur place - They have to b up to ur standard, which is hard to come by. Ahhh i cnt believe u have to go Sad its been fun though, ur a great guy. Glad iv virtualy met u lol and i will defo keep in touch Smile i would take alot more time in this post but i have to use my phone and im out atm so sorry its nnot the best omg ur leaving noo msg on the planet :[ <3 good luck with everything fishy

Edit oh ignoor my questions i just read for ops post lol sarry.. still read the noooooos tho :'(

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - 9bjames - 04-23-2012

I'll always be here to help as well as a part of the CFEW team, and I'm sure many others will too. I'm really glad to hear hosting with the server isn't a problem though... to be honest I'd feared that it might be. =P
On the other hand... talking about how being the only admin can be a heavy load got me thinking... this may be irrelevant if you can still keep hosting the place without any problems... but if there ever comes a time that you may no longer be able to host the server... I may be able to do something along with a few close friends on my computer science course. We have a general knowledge of servers, and even though I'm not so clued up on the technical side myself, I'm sure we could pull something together to keep it up and running. I can't promise anything of course, the future's never certain afterall, but I'd hope I could be of some help if the need arises. I have more to say and ask about how the server will continue to run, but I'm yet to see the post in the OP's section... which may answer my questions...
All I will say is for now, is that I wish you all the best with your family Clown. =)

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - theforgottengod - 04-23-2012

i havent known about cfew (or minecraft for that matter) for a very long time and when i joined i didnt really care about anything but getting to OP like minecraft1365 but later on i found out that its not just a race to OP its about making friends with people instead of just being powerful and building i really gotta thank you clown for making this server in the first place and maybe mc even more for leading me here but still i didnt think an admin would be so nice but i guess clown proved me wrong heh anyway my point is this is the best server i have ever been on well the only server i have ever been on properly and this server and clown ARE AWESOME!!!