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RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - xMitchelx - 04-23-2012

Maybe Have a Admin in Training Deal, then if someone is good with what they are doing and can host it maybe we could do it from there Sad
its going to suck without you fishy im going to miss you :/, but hopefully you will have time someday to visit Smile but till then Thank You for everything. I deeply appreciate all you've done for the server and me alone :'(

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - mastercreeper - 04-23-2012

Absolutely hard news, clown. the server will miss you and be forever grateful at your doing as an admin. thank you for providing us with hours of entertainment and your presence. good luck in all of your future endeavors... and if the server gets a new admin please visit once in a while.

best of wishes clown, we won't forget you or the server for many years to come.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - EducatedPizza - 04-23-2012

This is very surprising news. After being here for over a year, I guess I just assumed that this server would be here forever. I understand your other commitments and the time and effort that you have put in to this server over the past year should be commended. I would like to throw my name in the ring for any Admin duties that are needed. Although I cannot commit to full control of the server, I would like to suggest splitting up the responsibility between a few trusted SOP's. I would be more than willing to learn WE and help with in-game admin problems and issues.

Thank you Clown for all that you have done, this will always be my favorite and only server.


RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - thomvanberlo - 04-23-2012

Clown, i send you a email with ideas Smile

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - Aeonex - 04-23-2012


I am nearly distraught you're leaving. You're the best admin I have ever come across, not trying to brown nose, you are. I also know family should always come first, I respect your decision. I have hosted one server myself and helped operate another server (beside this one). I have been thinking about this a long time and a few SOP's threw a few ideas at me, including James and Mitchel. I would like to run them across you, see what you think?

Qualities and Requirements of an Admin:
1: Trusted and Friendly
2: Previous experience with Admin Role (debatable)
3: Computer specifications to handle server load (What are yours currently Clown? Need to compare.)
4: Good internet speed, at least 100MBPS or more.
5: Active Often

Perhaps, with all this in mind, you can pick an "ideal" candidates to "train" during your transition? See who works best on a list of the candidates?

I personally recommend Shpp or Pizza. I have known them for a year now and they are both very trustworthy. I am not sure how Shpp is with his computer specs, but I think Pizza has that. Perhaps two Admins is best? I don't know, I have been in servers where there is 3 or more, a lot of disagreement occurs and responsibility for running the server is put on one individual. I want CFEW to run smoothly like it did with you and Rose in charge. Two people to call the shots and make the place as fun as you had it.

I am not sure if I read your entire posts correctly. Maybe we don't need to pick an Admin at all for a few months? Am I being too hasty? Just trying to look for the future.

We'll miss you, all of us,

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - 20Hours - 04-23-2012

Its been a long time, there's no way this server will die out completely. Thanks for all the times, clown Smile.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - MetalicPenguin4 - 04-23-2012

Honestly, I have no idea what to do about this lol. I respect your decision comes before minecraft xD.
Bye clown <3

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - IIKiNgSyZeDII - 04-23-2012


I have had a really good time getting to hang out with you on the server and getting to know you. You are the best server admin I have meet. The server you have created is truly the best there is. It has some of the best people on it and that really makes it great. I think its sad that you are leaving but family should always be everyone's number one concern. I wish you the best in life and hope we can stay in touch.


RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - nopi0 - 04-23-2012

I really don't know what to say :c...thank you clown for all of your hard work I have had a blast building and playing on your server.I knew this day would come but I guess I wasn't as prepared for it as I thought D:.I will help out with whatever needs to be helped with to keep things running as long as possible.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - pacman6578 - 04-23-2012

If you carnt lead anymore there wont be any more admin powers helping the CFEW community so what i think is to give an ADMIN role to at
least 4 SOPs that you can trust to lead the server with honor and pride.

If you can not do that i have nothing else to say... thank you so much for leading CFEW with us and we all understand that you family needs your help. take good care of the fishy family and hope you can come on and visit us again Smile take good care