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RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - boxmana - 04-23-2012

Sad to see you go clown:/ If you need anyone to manage updating configs and such you know how to contact meTongue
I will help as best i can to keep the CFEW community up and running

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - fireb4llz - 04-23-2012

This server has meant a lot to me in that past 10 months I've been here. CFEW was a great place for me to hangout, build, have fun, and best of all be a part of a great community and make lots of new friends. The CFEW community is unlike any other and i'm very lucky to be a part of it. This was the first server I was ever committed to and will always remain special to me. Fishy, you are the best admin ever and i'm sad to see you go. At the same time, I respect you're decision and family should come first. Whatever you're going through i hope it turns out for the better.

As for the admin thing, I think there should be a group of them instead of just one or two. By that i mean maybe 3-5 and whoever has the best PC and internet connection should run it. Unfortunatly, someone who can commit to their server as much as fishy is hard to come by so I think it would be best to do it this way. I'd be willing to learn about WE and help out with that but I don't think I would be able to run the server on my comp.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - 9bjames - 04-23-2012

Can I just ask something to clarify?
It's become a bit unsure... How long can the server stay running Clown?
By that, I mean the forum, website, and the server itself, all running from your own server. Is there going to be a time when the server will have to be hosted elsewhere, or by someone else, if people wish to continue playing?

People have been talking about who would host the server after, and it's truly reasurring to hear the responses... It seems just as I said it; CFEW itself will not "die", and that is all because the community would never let it come to that. I think it's safe to say, even if ownership of the server does have to change hands, even if the admins change and things start to feel different... just for the times we've had here, I like to think the loyal members of the server would do what they can. I sure as hell would be willing to dig into my pocket for this place if possible, and if needed.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - zeldageek - 04-24-2012

Well, I guess I've always known this day would come eventually... and really, the fact that you've put so much time and effort into this server for so long is really awesome! Big Grin I'm going to miss you clown, you've been such a great server owner, admin, and friend to all of us, but I understand that you need to put your family first. This was my first minecraft server too... and it's kind of gonna need some adjusting to get used to this... but no matter what, I'll make sure to help take care of cfew. Thanks so much for all of the things you've given us clownfish, and I wish you good luck irl. :3 and don't forget to stop in and say hi every once in a while, we'll always be happy to see you. Wink

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - shppthwhtfx - 04-24-2012

I'm sad to hear your family's going through something bad ...or maybe its something good and your presence is simply needed more (guarding lilly from boys?) whatever it is I hope you're all safe and everything turns out well =)

As for the need for a new admin team, I agree with fire and pacman (sorry aeon) that the server would be best handled not by just 2 but a group of about 5, maybe have a few superOPs with custom titles have powers they specifically are good at (like box and his configs ...cept he wouldn't have OP powers besides that x.x). I see aeon's point that there may be conflict with so many admins, but two superOPs with admin powers aren't gonna fill the amazing work fishy has been able to do. I, for instance (since I was given as an example by him to be admin), while I do work hard to help others on a fairly daily basis, don't like having a list of things I have to do daily before I get to settle down to my pixel art. It's alot of work that fishy selflessly took on. I also have a fairly awkward sense of vacationing ...I leave for a week or month at a time without any word and come back as if nothing happened xD

That being said, I'm not saying I won't be one of the admins if need be... I understand I'm awesome and may be needed. I don't have the equipment to replace fishy's hosting though. And until someone can, it's great that we're able to just be promoted to the admin rank and take over the in game stuff you do, but what about server tweaks? Are we able to change stuff console side from far away or will we have to turn in our (not me... coding people) work to you and you'll just enter it in and go back to whatever you need to do?

From how you've explained it, we don't have to change the location of the server for until we're good and prepared for it, so all we have to sort out at the moment is the group of admins we're gonna have and adjust to filling your ...umm fin caps? while you adjust to your own business. As said before, I think we should just make the most trustworthy SOPs into admins... five or something near that, as well as making a few custom ranks with specialized permissions for those trusted (not the rank) members that have the ability to do crucial functions for the server. I, for one, am not technologically sound and think those who are should decide what permissions that the group of admins won't be able to understand fully should be given to custom ranks and who should be given those ranks. ...good luck :D

We can't all do this on our own, this is a team effort! As much as we'd like to think making someone admin rank gives them the ability/time to do it all, it doesn't. The future admin team needs a strong backbone of specialists to do the jobs that they aren't exactly competent at doing! ..that being said if there is a trusted superOP that knows how to configure the server files for example, then we don't need to give box a special rank. That's just an example though, I'm not sure he even needs special permissions from a rank to do all that. That's how ignorant I am xD so this is just a suggestion

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - Justin Case Kazoo - 04-24-2012

I really don't know what to say... Most people have said what I feel; you were an amazing admin, with an amazing server. I remember you were the one to zone my first house, back a year ago when I was a noob. I didn't even know what kits were, and you had to tell me to do /kit sponge and mark the corners. Or recently when we fought skeletron together. ;( I miss the fun days of server projects, like /warp hole, which had all the old timers like Ash, Jesse, and Mono. I even remember arguing with Ash about who was better at Mariokart: he had about 9000 points and I only had about 6000. Or the gold planet, when (I think it was Ash) found the huge planet made of solid gold, which I got about 6 double chests full of gold from. And when you officially opened the desert world, and I got over a stack of diamonds, all in one run. The point is, I'll miss all of the good times we had together and on your server. (Not that we will stop having them, though.) I think if I didn't have the server, there'd be no point in playing Minecraft.

Will you still come on every once and a while to play Terraria? And are you leaving forever? I'd hate to never see you again.

I love you too, Clown <3

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - Indrae - 04-24-2012

Well Clown, I don't know what to say. When I first joined the server in early September of 2010, the server was still new (or at least the map was). Yours was the first name that greeted me. Little did I know on that night just how much I would be seeing of that name in the future, and I couldn't possibly imagine what lay ahead. The server has changed drastically since then. It's had its ups and downs, and people have come and gone, but the one thing that remained constant was you. You have guided the server through various challenges, some which seemed unsolvable. I've always admired your ability to never sink to the levels of bitterness and drama that all OPs, including myself, have exhibited. While I may not have always agreed with the decisions you have made, I've been able to respect them.

Throughout our long history, you have given me opportunities that I truly doubt I could find on any other server. I doubt very much that I could have accomplished the things that I have in this game if it wasn't for you.

Nothing lasts forever, and I always knew that this day would come eventually. We might be losing you, our leader, but that doesn't mean we are at the end. You may no longer be leading us, but you leave behind a lasting legacy, one that won't be erased quickly. You didn't just set up the equipment and host the server, you created a community. This community means a great deal to me, as I am sure it does to countless others. This will be the greatest challenge that the community has ever faced, but it is one that I know we will pull through. For the last year and a half I have called CFEW home, and I will do whatever I can to make sure it stays strong.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done Clown.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - Rangasist - 04-24-2012

I had to make a account to respond to this, but i could let my thoughts on this go unspoken. i have played on this server for over a year now and in that time have seen it blossom from a few dedicated "hardcore" players into so much more. Every thing I have done on this server remains with me, from my first house, to the great server flood, to op and finally super op. I literally remember the spot I got op, I remember the pms i got from clown. I remember the good times, the bad the fun we had. Clown was no small part of this. The second he joins the chat, it explodes. His very presence made the world come alive.....It still does. Thought the kindness and compassion of all the members of the CFEW community I stood by and watched as players flooded in, hills and valleys we torn down as cities took their place, and at the center of it, the always helpful, always kind clown. We knew him as several different names, ewok, fishy, clown but all these name contributed to one fantastic player. His stamp will forever be on this server, and indeed on all the users that have met him.
Clown: If there is anything I can do to help, simply ask. It is nothing compared to what you have given all of us.
I Hope it all goes well, continue in the knowledge that what you have started, we will continue.

RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - lordofpain - 04-24-2012

Clown, what can I say? You are just a wonderful person. I have seen you give and give and give but never take and i respect you for that. As an Admin you were more than fair, understanding, caring and never put your own desires before others. To the day i joined as a minecraft noob, to now, a server Super OP i have always thought that you are a great person. I know all this stuff that i am saying sounds cheesy, but i hope you can understand how much you meant to the community and I. When ever troubles you are facing or whenever you are upset, remember that you have a whole community of people that will care for you. I wish you luck in all of your endeavours.


RE: ATTN All CFEW Friends - clownfish - 04-24-2012

@Alowe2 - Thank you so much. This means a lot from you! Yes I know your heart is there for admin support, but as many do, you have school and things. Yes we are going to try to form a team. I'm not sure anyone one person has the time to dedicate to 'Admin'. Perhaps a team with a point person. We'll all talk it out. There's on this for sure. As much as I love the CFEW community and our server, I don't want it to just 'Stop'. I see you 'edit', so yes I'm happy to host the server forever. It's no sweat off my back or our family to leave it running. Auto-Rose is a good girl about restarting and backing the server up haha. Yes it is a shame I need to retire, I absolutely love it, but life must change for me as I know it now. I will no just disappear though. I'll be reachable on email, forum, and I'm here to support CFEW until it's standing on it's own. Then I'll be a VIF and visit when I can. I know I set a high standard for CFEW, but we all have learned alot from each other. It's what we've created as a group that will carry on. It has been fun and Thank you very very much Alowe! I will be here for as long as I can imagine. So nice to know you as a friend! O' and thank you so so very much for helping transition our website and give it 'graphics / more life' (haha remember my all text website).

Have a great day! - not gone forever... just way less so I can take care of my family and life.


(04-23-2012, 04:18 PM)alowe2 Wrote: Noooo D: owww.... Damn. Cfew was my 1st server and ur the best admin ever D': ghh thats a shame. Id hapily be an adminy type guy but i have school and stuff ahaa.. And iv not been on much lately :/ maybe you could make another group called mods or moderators and just have some current sops take that role. Its such a shame u have to retire :[[ so ur not able to host ither? Or u can but not update it and stuff? :/ Ill be happy to help as much as i can. Still a student tho hehe and who ever or if ever some1 completely takes ur place - They have to b up to ur standard, which is hard to come by. Ahhh i cnt believe u have to go Sad its been fun though, ur a great guy. Glad iv virtualy met u lol and i will defo keep in touch Smile i would take alot more time in this post but i have to use my phone and im out atm so sorry its nnot the best omg ur leaving noo msg on the planet :[ <3 good luck with everything fishy

Edit oh ignoor my questions i just read for ops post lol sarry.. still read the noooooos tho :'(