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Twitter tags - Pahman - 11-16-2016

So, I am gonna post this thread here so that anyone who has that twitter can post their tag ( the one beginning with @). The reason I ask you put the tag is because there is no doubt someone has the same username as you. WARNING: there is a very very high probability of people's real names being disclosed, please be responsible and don't abuse this. 

Mine is @patrickmorgan02

RE: Twitter tags - BudderoreGamer - 12-02-2017

It is time to revive this thread.

Add me on twitter at: @Budder_Chan

RE: Twitter tags - Coin_Star3 - 12-03-2017

Necroposted tsk tsk permban

RE: Twitter tags - Asonia - 12-03-2017


RE: Twitter tags - whitelily36 - 12-03-2017

@CfewServer to follow our official twitter!