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Staff of the Month - Amanda_Panda - 08-06-2017

Hey guys!

Recently there has been a lot of great behavior performed by some of our staff, and so it's been decided that it's time to reward those actions by establishing a new monthly event! At the beginning of every month, one player from the server staff group will be selected to be the Staff of the Month, for a variety of reasons, including:

• Doing an excellent job of assisting the players and providing both information and help to them
• Monitoring the forums and preventing spam/inappropriate content from being posted
• Being active as often as they can on both the server and forums
• Showing a great amount of maturity in handling situations
• Following the rules and guidelines of the server
• Building community projects and giving others pointers on their building skills
• Being an overall friendly face on CFEW, both on and off the server
Or more!

The leadership team will be looking for those certain qualities in our staff team, and once selected, a new staff member will be chosen to represent the server for the entirety of the month!

The Staff of the Month can be chosen from any rank of our staff team; Helpers, OPs, SuperOPs, Advisers, or even Admins! 

• Special statue in spawn named for 'Staff of the Month'
• $10,000 in a world of the OPs' choosing
• A title ingame
• The monthly forum award
• Announced in the Monthly News on the forum

These are just to show that we care and appreciate your guys' hardwork and the hours that you put into the server, especially since some members of our server team go above and beyond their call of duty to really serve the community and help other players.

Even if you aren't selected for a month, don't use it as an excuse to be lazy until it's time for the next Staff of the Month choosing! The LT will look at your behaviors for the entire month before choosing a new person. Still go out and be the best server staff you can be, you'll get a shot if you continue doing a great job!

RE: Staff of the Month - Amanda_Panda - 08-06-2017

And so for the August SotM:

This staff member has done a lot for the server recently..

-He judges the minicomp every week without complaint, has even started decorating the minicomp area to match the theme, an idea that he came up with by himself and then implemented.

-When approached about using command blocks to make a boss, he went out of his way to accommodate all the requests - spending time googling the things he didn't know how to do, going away and working on it and refining it in single player, then executing it on CFEW.

-He sorts a lot of drama out through private messaging, and if someone is feeling down or acting out in any way, he is one of the first to start messaging them, offering advice and lending an ear.

Congratulations to Coin_Star3 on being the (first) August Staff of the Month!
(You will receive your rewards ingame shortly)

RE: Staff of the Month - Coin_Star3 - 08-06-2017

Big Grin yay thanks!

RE: Staff of the Month - MudsyKipsy - 08-07-2017

Grats star

RE: Staff of the Month - Coin_Star3 - 08-07-2017

Thanks mude

RE: Staff of the Month - jgoglick - 08-12-2017

yey coin c:

RE: Staff of the Month - lildevilgirl - 08-12-2017

Congrats Coin Smile

RE: Staff of the Month - Coin_Star3 - 08-12-2017

Thanks guys Smile

RE: Staff of the Month - hypotho - 08-12-2017


RE: Staff of the Month - Amanda_Panda - 08-31-2017

Wanted to say a final congratulations to Coin for being the first Staff of the Month! The next one will be announced tomorrow. :3