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Alt Accounts Policy - whitelily36 - 08-13-2017

Hi everyone,

Lately we have been having some issues with people using Alt Accounts to join the server, sometimes for legitimate reasons, but other times to troll, or take advantage of our set up, eg. ranking two players to get more money, leaving one at an xp farm etc. 

The Admin Team have decided not to allow Alt Accounts without prior approval.  There may be times we will approve the use of an Alt account, eg to place the Alt account at a build in CW to copy/reproduce it in a survival world.  However players in game must be made aware that you are using two accounts at the time.

We will be updating our rules in the next few days to reflect this new policy.

Thanks for your cooperation guys!

On behalf of the Admin Team

RE: Alt Accounts Policy - johan - 08-14-2017

just an idea but maybe we should do like an application thing? like you would do something like this

alt name:
why do you want to use an alt?:
etc (cant think of anything more)

RE: Alt Accounts Policy - Amanda_Panda - 08-14-2017

That's a great idea Johan, thank you :3

@Everyone, if you wish to submit an alt account request, please copy/paste this and fill it in:

Alt Name:
-Why do you want to use an alt?
(Please provide a detailed explanation)

RE: Alt Accounts Policy - deblueninja - 09-05-2017

I lost my ALT account details.

Rest in peace

RE: Alt Accounts Policy - Hamishac - 09-06-2017

Alt Name: Marshymallow331 (or 133, something like that)
-Why do you want to use an alt?
Mainly for building purposes, like if I'm copying something in CW to SW, easier to just change screens than to have to tp back and forth. Also, I have used it in the past as a joke, but I will announce it is me (ham) when I join with it, and probably won't use it to interact when I actually am using it.
so yea

RE: Alt Accounts Policy - Amanda_Panda - 09-07-2017

Sounds good!
*stamp of approval*

RE: Alt Accounts Policy - MudsyKipsy - 09-07-2017


RE: Alt Accounts Policy - Hamishac - 09-07-2017


RE: Alt Accounts Policy - MudsyKipsy - 09-07-2017

Jk, feel free to use it Hamburger c: