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Pokemon Showdown tournament! - MudsyKipsy - 08-19-2017

Alola everyone!

I decided to create a Pokemon showdown tournament for everyone here who would like to show off their 
competitive battle skills.

Link to the site can be found here:

The battle format will be everything goes 6v6 SM singles

No 2 of the same Pokemon
No 2 of the same items
Only 1 pokemon can be asleep at the same time
1 legendary max (Does not include UB and Tapu's)

Banned pokemon
Mega rayquaza

Banned items
Soul dew

Once you're signed in, you get an option to save your team. Go to "teambuilder" to start creating your own team. Click on "new team" and then select anything goes from SM singles. Then you can just click on "add pokemon" to add Pokemon to your team (Remember, legal pokemon only.) You can also give your team a name if you wish. I also highly recommend you create a backup, if you clear your history your team will be wiped!  You can create a backup with ease. Click on the "import/export" button next to your team name. And you get a list of your Pokemon, you can open up Notepad and copy/paste your team in there..or just take a word document, it doesn't really matter. If you lost your team from clearing you history, all you have to do is select "restore teams from backup", then copy and paste the text and you have your team back.

You can sign up by creating a Pokemon showdown account, select "Choose name" in the top right corner, enter an username you wish to sign up as and you should be ready to go. 

Signups will be open until Saturday August 26

If you wish to take part, let me know in this thread or in game!

RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - trickytreecko - 08-19-2017

BOII I'm in
but my team is just a cheap trick that sucks ;-;

RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - jgoglick - 08-19-2017

Ill join if its on a day I can do eet

RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - Amanda_Panda - 08-19-2017

I'll try it haha, sounds fun :3

RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - Johngt - 08-19-2017

pokenerds strikes again

RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - MudsyKipsy - 08-19-2017

Oh hush you hater

RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - IamEgg - 08-20-2017


RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - Firablitz - 08-20-2017


RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - renurb1 - 08-22-2017

ill try

RE: Pokemon Showdown tournament! - Firablitz - 08-23-2017

lol I might be able to. I just tried to battle and one person rekted with me with one greninja. >_>