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Meet Budder :3 - BudderoreGamer - 08-26-2017

Hey guys, I'm Nathan, but I'm better known as Budder on CFEW! I joined cfew 2 years ago, and I fell in love with the server as soon as I joined. Ive had many friends come and go, and its been fun!

Some things I do is play video games, read a book, but I'm none the less a internet nerd. If I'm not online, I'm on another server with my friends, but I try to be on as much as I can.

My rank is OP currently and I am also MW Overseer, so I'm usually busy on CFEW most of my time

I hope to see you all online!


RE: Meet Budder :3 - GumbleyAthan - 08-26-2017

goes great on bread

RE: Meet Budder :3 - renurb1 - 08-26-2017

probably true ^

RE: Meet Budder :3 - IamEgg - 08-28-2017

budder it's usually not usally *triggered*

RE: Meet Budder :3 - BudderoreGamer - 08-30-2017


RE: Meet Budder :3 - IamEgg - 09-02-2017

*mutes budder cuz spelling police*

RE: Meet Budder :3 - BudderoreGamer - 09-02-2017

nooooooooo ;c