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Bedwars is Back! - whitelily36 - 09-03-2017

Hi guys,

We have implemented a new bedwars plugin and its currently being tested.  Please feel free to join the game and report any bugs to us - do /warp bedwars and join from there.  It does work differently to the last one so some noticeable differences are:

1.  Different way to select your team
2.  Different shop set up and prices
3.  No way to implement keepInventory
4.  Map takes about 5 minutes to reset.
5.  Game is timed to be 20 minutes (open to changing that according to player feedback).

Ok, let us know what you think!

Have fun Big Grin,

RE: Bedwars is Back! - IamEgg - 09-04-2017

Ees great ;D