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September News! - whitelily36 - 09-04-2017

September News!

Sandbox Map

This month we are hosting a creative sandbox map of Europe.  Choose a famous landmark to build, or maybe build your home!  Do /warp sandbox then warp to the country of your choice.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 builds, along with a unique forum award!

Europe Map (by lentebriesje):

[Image: gIQPqD3.png]

SW News

We are going to run a new Town competition next month, so now is a great time to join a town, or even start your own off!

MW News

The new MW will be opened soon, hopefully in a week or two.  You can start to view it on dynmap (, so perhaps pick your spot and get your bags packed ready for the move!  We're also hoping to start our first town in this world, so hope you guys can join in with making it a very special first town!

CW News

Our new monthly building competition theme is Alien Landscape! Do /warp mediumcomp to enter!  Well done to Oblivion for winning the Paintball Arena contest and we hope to implement this in Gameworld soon.

GW News

Bedwars is back!  This is a new plugin so there are some slight differences in the shop, and also we can no longer have keepInventory on, so you might need to use different strategies playing this version.  Please report any bugs or issues to us so we can fix them or improve the current gameplay.  Do /warp bedwars to play!

Thanks to Mud, we have also made some changes to the MobArena so that we can finally get past level 10! 

And finally a big thx to PigPenguin, for providing us with a new Paintball map, and which is slightly bigger than our others.. check it out ingame by voting for junglecave!

Voter of the Month

Voter of the month for August is... Firablitz! Thx Fira, and thx to everyone who votes regularly, if enough of us vote it really does make a difference! 

Remember ingame you can also do /vote points to see how many points you have, then spend it at /vshop!

Staff of the Month

Staff of the month for September is... Amanda_Panda!  Thanks for all your contributions to CFEW Amanda!

Thanks everyone Big Grin.