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New MW Opening Soon! - whitelily36 - 09-14-2017

Hi everyone Smile,

We will be officially opening our new MW on Sunday at midday American EST.  Hope you can join us to celebrate, and be one of the first to build in this world.  We will be reserving an area for the world's first town, so get planning!

Some things to note:

* You may request your builds in old MW to be moved across
* The old MW map will remain open for a couple of months while we move things across, and they will share inventories.
* Most player bank accounts will transfer across, but some will be reduced (players with more than $50,000 will face a reduction).
* Players will no longer be able to use /sell hand or sell any blocks to the server shop - money can be earned through jobs, player owned shops, or winning server events.
* All jobs will be reset - be the first to get your head on a jobs wall in the new spawn (top 3 players for each job displayed!)
* The map will be mostly peaceful, but you will find mobs in the 'Dark Forest' and 'Dark Swamp'!  In these areas you will not be able to fly, and will take mob damage.
*  Keepinventory will remain on, /fly will still be available, but players will now take fall, water and lava damage.  Only Elder+ ranks will have access to /heal.

Hope you guys enjoy our new, revamped, Main World!

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - Firablitz - 09-14-2017

Where can you request for your build to get move? Like here or a forum post?

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - whitelily36 - 09-14-2017

Here or let any JrAdmi+ know ingame!

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - Amanda_Panda - 09-14-2017

For those copying builds over, remember to do //copy and NOT //cut. Keep the original world looking nice without a bunch of random holes where builds used to be! Thanks :3

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - BudderoreGamer - 09-15-2017

can I help move builds?

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - whitelily36 - 09-15-2017

You better! Also guys, please also consider what you want to move. What we don't want is for whole towns to be moved over. So pick 1 or 2 of your favorite builds to be moved and then think about building new ones Smile.

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - trickytreecko - 09-15-2017

1 or 2?!
i have tons of homes :c

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - BudderoreGamer - 09-15-2017

Welp, thats just how it is treecko :p

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - Taiko3245 - 01-10-2018

Alt Name: CyrogenicFire
-Why do you want to use an alt?
XP Grinding and idk maybe other things like afking for things to smelt while i do stuff on my main acc

RE: New MW Opening Soon! - Coin_Star3 - 01-10-2018

wrong thread m8