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How to Apply for Staff - whitelily36 - 10-08-2017


Firstly, thank you for your interest! As a constantly growing server, we need a lot of help keeping up with everything and making sure everyone plays by the rules.

That being said: just because you apply does not mean you will get OP

This is a privilege that is reserved for some of the most helpful players on our server. This is not another rank for you to try and get to, it is a job that requires a good bit of work and time commitment. 

Staff responsibilities include:
  • Zoning
  • Promotions
  • Mediating (if there is an argument)
  • Helping new players
  • Making sure everyone follows the rules
  • Banning
  • Grief restoring and investigating
  • Xray investigation and prevention
  • Building structures for the server (new world entrances, how-to buildings)
  • Providing a positive attitude for the server
  • Planning and executing server events/contests
What we are looking for?


In order to become a staff member, you have to be active on the server, the forum, and on discord.

In-game activity is very important, and we are looking for people that play at least 3 hours a week, participate in chat, help players around them, and join in with community events.

Forum activity is also important, as it is our central place to communicate ideas and make server decisions.  

Finally Discord is our main form of verbal communication, and is where staff meetings are held every 2 months.


As official representatives of the server we are looking for people who show a high degree of maturity. We look for people who react to situations in a calm, collected manner, and remain respectful at all times ie. they don't overly use CAPS, don't spam, and don't get angry at other people, or at the game itself.

We do have a minimum age policy of 13, but players under that age who exhibit high levels of maturity, may be invited to be a Helper on the server.

How to Apply

Take some time to fill out the following form and submit it. Make sure you answer all questions honestly, and try to include as much information as possible.

Staff Application Form

Staff applications are regularly reviewed and even if you are not accepted straight away, your information will be kept on file for future vacancies.  In the meantime maintain a positive attitude and we hope you continue to enjoy the server.

Good luck in your quest for a staff position and we look forward to continuing to get to know you! Smile

RE: How to Apply for Staff - whitelily36 - 12-06-2017

Currently looking for new staff!