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Halloween on CFEW - whitelily36 - 10-27-2017

Halloween Activities

[Image: 5YG8jCy.jpg]

Join us this weekend for lots of fun Halloween activities, including:

*  Our Halloween Adventure Map at /warp halloween
*  3D Pumpkin Carving Competition on Saturday at 10am American EST as part of the Dukshow!
*  Halloween Building Competition at /warp mediumcomp
*  2D Pumpkin Carving Competition at /warp minicomp2
*  SW Haunted House Treasure Hunt (/warp SW_Halloween)
*  MW Trick or Treat (/warp MW_Halloween)

Then... on Halloween itself.. we will be opening our annual "Halloween Special" Map - Zombie Apocalypse!  Can you survive the hordes of Zombies?  Go on quests, survive by looting chests and work together with others to survive!

[Image: A4LGA3E.jpg]

RE: Halloween on CFEW - IamEgg - 10-27-2017

Looking forward to these events. Smile

I might not be able to make it to DukShow, but if my parents drag me out on Sunday I'll kill them, dw c:

RE: Halloween on CFEW - trickytreecko - 10-27-2017

i really love hw i hope it's as good as it is every year! or even better Big GrinDDD

RE: Halloween on CFEW - trickytreecko - 10-28-2017

Egg it doesn't matter who's first to post on a thread if you wan be first write something nice lel

RE: Halloween on CFEW - IamEgg - 10-28-2017

ever heard of the thing called editing?

RE: Halloween on CFEW - whitelily36 - 10-29-2017

Haunted House Treasure Hunt now open in SW - /warp SW_Halloween

Trick or Treat now open in MW - /warp MW_Halloween

Hope you enjoy our Halloween events!