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Pumpkin Carving! - IamEgg - 10-28-2017

As you know on 28/10/17, hypotho the owner of the DukShow had a show on pumpkin carving! Everyone had a lot of fun for this Halloween event!

Eggy's build (Got 2nd for Small Pumpkin and 1st for Large)

Samme's build

Tricky's build

Green's build (Got 3rd for Large)

Mud's build (Got 1st for Small)

Coin's build (Got 3rd for Small)

Zane's build

Fira's build (Got 2nd for Large)

The winners for Small are:
1st: MudsyKipsy
2nd: IamEggy
3rd: Coin_Star3

The winners for Large are:
1st: IamEggy
2nd: Firablitz
3rd: TheBigG

I hope everyone enjoyed this year's Halloween and gets lots of Candy.  Big Grin

RE: Pumpkin Carving! - whitelily36 - 10-28-2017

Thanks Eggy Big Grin. It was a lot of fun to watch too! Well done, and ty, to Hypo for arranging it for us Smile.

RE: Pumpkin Carving! - Firablitz - 10-29-2017

hypo wins.