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Hello World - Twiistaye - 11-02-2017

Heyo! My in-game name is Twiistaye but you can just call me Twiist. I've played Minecraft for a while now, but really started getting in to it when I joined CFEW. I started playing in around Beta-ish, and hosted a Minecraft server for a while. Being the best person I can be is what I strive for, and I am glad to bring that attitude in the CFEW community.

I joined CFEW around 4 months ago or so, and I loved it from the start. We have some great members and amazing staff, and we all are just one stupendous community. Normally, I'm on every day at least for 30-45 minutes or so (so you may be able to see me and say hey!). I really like collaborating with the CFEW community, and love everyone's opinion on anything. Becoming a part of the staff team is something that many people think of, and I think it's an experience that has humbled me as a person. Maybe you'll be up here on this board one day writing about yourself!

Now I am going to talk about the personal (boring) things. I am 15, and live in the USA. I love playing sports games the most along with Minecraft, such as Madden and NBA 2K games. Also, I love just playing sports in general, though I am not really involved in too many. I like to have debates with people about topics that deal with upcoming situations in the future.

If you have any questions about me -or anything- message me in-game or ask on this thread!

Can't wait to see you here!

RE: Hello World - Hamishac - 11-02-2017

Great to have you with our staff, twist! Glad to hear that you enjoy it as much as we do you Big Grin

RE: Hello World - GumbleyAthan - 11-02-2017

Twist is a cool dude, highly recommend talking to him for anyone who hasn't

RE: Hello World - IamEgg - 11-02-2017

I read this on the bus earlier and forgot to reply since I was at my stop. But yea, great to see you care for being staff Smile

RE: Hello World - XxOblivion - 11-02-2017

I thought you joined like 2 years ago...
Well "welcome" tweest to teh staff team xdrawr

RE: Hello World - Twiistaye - 11-03-2017

Thanks all. Glad to be a part of the experience!