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November news - whitelily36 - 11-03-2017

November News!

Halloween Events

Thanks to everyone who joined in with our Halloween Events!  We have a few winners to announce:

Halloween Medium Building Competition Winner - Kurosuki

[Image: XvMpXf0.jpg]

Pumpkin Carving Winner - Kurosuki

[Image: VrKA1zD.jpg]

Halloween Skin Competition - Hypotho!

[Image: iSMYDbr.png]

The Halloween Adventure Map will remain in place until the end of this weekend (/warp halloween), and don't forget we have our Halloween Special Map now open - our annual Zombie Apocalypse Map - do /warp hw to join!

MW News

MW's first town competition has now been judged and the winner is XBoxUno.  Congratulations to Xbox and we hope to bring a new MW competition in December!

[Image: thhNU4T.jpg]

We also have a new dungeon being implemented in the DarkSnow zone, so stay tuned for when that will be open. 

CW News

Our new monthly building competition theme is Pirates! Do /warp mediumcomp to enter!

Voters of the Month

Voters of the month for October are...

Joint 1st:  Firablitz and Tricky (a huge thank you to Fira and Tricky who don't miss a day's voting!)
3rd: Twiistaye

1st prize receives $10,000, 2nd prize receives $7,500 and 3rd prize will receive $5000, in a world of your choice!

Thx to everyone who votes regularly, if enough of us vote it really does make a difference! 

Staff of the Month

Staff of the month for November is... Hypotho!  Thanks for all your contributions to CFEW Hypo Smile.

RE: November news - BudderoreGamer - 11-03-2017

Its XboxUno not XboxOne x.x

RE: November news - hypotho - 11-03-2017

What about playing uno on a xbox

RE: November news - whitelily36 - 11-04-2017

Oopsy Tongue

RE: November news - Firablitz - 11-06-2017

uhh its XboxUno not XBoxUno Big Grin just the capital B.