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Banned? - Fork - 11-03-2017

1. What is your in-game name?: __g0d
2. Approximately what time and date were you banned?: November 3
3. Why were you banned?: I don't know? I guess i was yelling caps a few weeks ago.
4. Explain why you performed the actions which led to your ban.: I was mad at a guy who was disrespecting me or a friend. I forgot what he said, but it was very disrespectful.
5. Have you been banned before? If so, for what?: Yes, caps.
6. Can you add any additional details that may help us make a decision.: I don't know why I was banned specifically today, but a few weeks ago some guy was disrespecting a friend or me, and I llost it. I have ulcers, and sometimes they let loose online. I am sorry if this ever happens, it only sometimes does.

RE: Banned? - Spiketrooper - 11-04-2017

If I can interject here, I may have some light to shed on this situation.

A few hours ago (from when I typed this) your account came online and was extremely disrespectful, demanding, and also griefed a build. You left about a half hour into me joining, but I hadn't seen you that way before.

After he left, we didn't think it was actually him on his account due to the fact that we hadn't seen you that way recently. However, as is the rules on the server fork, you are responsible for your PC's actions, even if its not you using it.