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Meet Eggy! x3 - IamEgg - 11-05-2017

H e l l o !!

So lately I got Helper (the last month I think?) and because I've never even typed on the "Welcome Mat" I thought this would be really special since it's the first time I've ever been on here and I just want to introduce myself to everyone new on the server!

So my in-game name is IamEggy, and I am an Architect and have been with the server since February 7th 2016. Since I joined the server, I have absolutely loved it!  The community is such a lovely place, and extremely friendly! There's lots of things to do on the server and I'm proud to be a part of it!  Big Grin

I live in London, UK and I can spend 3-5 hours on the server, it depends how many people need help and if Staff are online. If they're not, I try to stay on as long as possible. I also might drop in in the mornings on MineChat (8am) if someone wants me to. I can stay up until 8pm when I have to do my homework.  Dodgy

I love helping people out on the server mainly because I love seeing people happy and spending my free time with the lovely community of CFEW! I also don't have a life irl.. because I don't have many friends and I don't like the clubs. CFEW is a huge part of my life since I'm usually on it or playing SkyWars on another server (shh!) and if I didn't have the server, who knows where I would be today o.o

I have a doggo called Rosie irl, she is 5 and a staffordshine bull terrier! My sister is xMumpuggy, which is known to be hanging out with Num (Gardevoirrr) and she gets into trouble a lot irl and on here. I convinced my dad once to try out the server and even he liked it!  Smile

If anyone needs any help, feel free to ask me! I'd love to help out anyone! If no Staff's online then just contact me here! (Make sure it's after 3:30pm UK time or 3pm but I'll only be on MineChat)  Sleepy

Exclamation  My Social Media:

/ - Instagram: iamaellie_

/ - Discord: IamEggy#5590

/ - Twitter: IamEggy3

/ - Youtube: IamEggy
(I'll get the notification someone commented on my video)

I don't actually use twitter, but message my Discord if you need help! If I don't reply, I'm either at school or my mobile data has ran out/I'm coming home to my PC x3

Thanks a lot for reading this and I hope to see you on the server!  Smile

-IamEggy x3

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - LukasStuff - 11-05-2017

Hi IamEggy,

Nice to meet you.

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - IamEgg - 11-05-2017

Hello LukasStuff

Nice to meet you too. How are ya? Big Grin

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - XxOblivion - 11-10-2017

1. Send pics of Rosie pls. We need doggo pictures.
2. We need your father to play more often. Bedwars 1v1 Eggy's dad I'm calling it >:3

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - IamEgg - 11-10-2017

1. surrr when i git som
2. ask him yourself and bw is broken

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - Twiistaye - 11-11-2017

Eggyyy it’s awesome to have you on as always :p

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - IamEgg - 11-11-2017

Thanks twist, same to you Big Grin

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - Spiketrooper - 11-12-2017

The Min-Max Mod right here xD

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - IamEgg - 11-12-2017

yaaay xDD

RE: Meet Eggy! x3 - XxOblivion - 11-12-2017

How do I contact your dad?