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12 Days of Christmas - whitelily36 - 11-19-2017

Hi guys,

We are considering doing a Christmas event this year called 12 Days of Christmas.  For each of the 12 days before Xmas there will be a challenge/game and the winner will receive a special Xmas Crate Key which they can use to win an awesome prize Big Grin.  However we need your help in coming up with these 12 events.  My suggestions are:

1.  Build a Xmas Tree
2.  PvP Comp
3.  Xmas Parkour
4.  Paintball Comp in a Xmas themed arena

If we can get to 12 suggestions we will try and incorporate this event so get your thinking caps on and add a suggestion or two here! 

Thanks everyone Smile.

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - XxOblivion - 11-19-2017

1. Build a Xmas Tree
2. PvP Comp
3. Xmas Parkour
4. Paintball Comp in a Xmas themed arena (Need an arena for that or not?)
5. Write a short christmas story using at least three CFEW players as characters.
6. Turn a house (preset) into a christmas house (Similar to minicomp2 but more of a "speedbuild")
7. Do a marshmellow hunt (Similar to the clownfish search executed at the MW opening or spawn opening)
8. Do a game of "king of the ladder", but instead of a ladder you have a huge candy cane.
(I'm running out of ideas)
9. Maybe something outside of CFEW? A CFEW christmas drawing competition maybe?
10. Turning the whitelily36 skin into a christmas skin? Maybe Mud's skin if you don't want your skin christmasified.
11. Having a discord christmas karaoke battle. (I'd say all participants "win" automatically, seeing as singing to people takes bravery.)
12. Have a huge celebration party where the winner(s) of the competition are announced, as well as christmas gifts being handed out to players (Similar to last year's MW gifts).

IF these were to happen, I'd like to request players not to put work into this beforehand (like changing a Lily's skin multiple days ahead of time, thus receiving an unfair advantage over other participants). In this case I'd even recommend step by step screenshots of you editing the skin, also showing the time and date on your PC (usually bottom right).

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - Firablitz - 11-20-2017

But isn't the 12 days of christmas starts on christmas? I'm confuszled.

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - whitelily36 - 11-20-2017

Ohh they start on xmas day? Ok, sounds good Big Grin

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - Coin_Star3 - 11-20-2017

I thought Christmas was in the middle of the twelve days, but I might just be confused

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - MudsyKipsy - 11-20-2017

Isnt it 12 days before xmas

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - Firablitz - 11-21-2017

no the 12 days of christmas. starts on christmas.
Twelve Days of Christmas 2017 will begin on
Monday, 25 December
and ends on
Friday, 5 January 2018

(Hence the reason its called the 12 Days of "Christmas")

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - IamEgg - 11-21-2017

i second oblivions 11th thing, i would be in

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - MudsyKipsy - 11-21-2017

I don't think so Fira..Christmas never goes on until that long, pretty sure its until xmas itself .-.

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - whitelily36 - 11-22-2017

Sorry Mud but Fira is right - google it xD