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me for honored! - xPuggyy_ - 11-26-2017

me for honored!
i am applying because i got permission from the bes sister evr and i reached elder 30 plz. ps egg was totally not here

RE: me for honored! - whitelily36 - 11-26-2017

I will recommend you Pug. Just remember tho, as an Honored player you must set a good example so psst.. no more caps xD.

RE: me for honored! - IamEgg - 11-26-2017

^ just remember otherwise i will moot if it gets too bad xD

RE: me for honored! - XxOblivion - 11-27-2017

Consequences for ignoring rules - you have quite the record if I remember correctly - will have a bigger impact once you have become Honored. Remember that.

RE: me for honored! - IamEgg - 11-27-2017

^ so that's a no? cmon, give her a chance

RE: me for honored! - XxOblivion - 11-27-2017

It's not a no, it's just not a yes.

RE: me for honored! - xPuggyy_ - 11-27-2017

plez oblii

i relly want it

RE: me for honored! - jgoglick - 11-27-2017

Don't beg for honored it wont change peoples answers

RE: me for honored! - Claude_Faustus - 11-29-2017

Well i recommend if i still can. From what i have seen of pug she is really nice and deserves it.

RE: me for honored! - Lizzie396 - 11-29-2017

I recommend as well <3