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Minatord for Hepler - Minatord - 12-02-2017

Hey Guys ive played on CFEW for awhile but my PC broke so thats why i haven't been active but i will be active if i get the helper( of course ). I would love to help out with the server( Cause its my favourite server ). So yeah thank you letting me apply for helper, Hope to get back from you guys soon. Thanks- Minatord p.s Merry Christmas haha

RE: Minatord for Hepler - GumbleyAthan - 12-02-2017

Hey Mina, we appreciate your interest in helping! Unfortunately, Helper is an invitation rank and can't be applied for. Again, thank you for your interest!

RE: Minatord for Hepler - Minatord - 12-02-2017

Thanks for getting back to me so soon, I didnt know. Thanks thought.

RE: Minatord for Hepler - IamEgg - 12-02-2017

Minatord you would have to be active before you get Helper and even so, you have to be helping out a lot on the server and know how to deal with drama. It's cool how you've been with CFEW for awhile Smile

RE: Minatord for Hepler - Hamishac - 12-02-2017

As I've personally known you during my life, I definitely am much more biased. xD
I'm sure that we will consider you after a while of you playing mina, but otherwise, just keep things up!