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Secret Santa Event - whitelily36 - 12-05-2017

Hi everyone,

We are looking for people who would like to be involved in our Secret Santa event.  If you want to take part, add your name here, or let us know ingame or on discord.  Then, this weekend, you will be given someone's name and you have to secretly leave them some presents/treats!  Eg. you might build something nice for them, or ask an admin to put some blocks in their chest, or even surprise them with a Xmas skin!  At Xmas your secret santa will then reveal himself/herself!

[Image: 5vOSiMa.jpg]

RE: Secret Santa Event - trickytreecko - 12-05-2017

trickytreecko c:

RE: Secret Santa Event - Coin_Star3 - 12-05-2017

I'm in

RE: Secret Santa Event - hypotho - 12-05-2017

I guess i'll join ;p

RE: Secret Santa Event - BudderoreGamer - 12-05-2017

Seems fun, id love to join Big Grin

RE: Secret Santa Event - Firablitz - 12-06-2017

Firablitz. I'll join

RE: Secret Santa Event - Hamishac - 12-06-2017

Looks like a great time! I'll join for sure.

RE: Secret Santa Event - Lizzie396 - 12-06-2017

I'm also in c:

RE: Secret Santa Event - IamEgg - 12-06-2017

I'm in for sure

- IamEggy Wink

RE: Secret Santa Event - OPEmeraldKing - 12-06-2017

What world will this be in??