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Skyblock Xmas Island - whitelily36 - 12-05-2017

Start a Skyblock "Xmas" Island for a chance to win $15,000 in a world of your choice!  We will also record the best ones and feature them on our youtube channel!  Join with friends even and work together on an island.  If you already have an island that you don't want to lose, let us know and we will get you another one to work on!

Good luck Big Grin

[Image: teJsvis.jpg]

RE: Skyblock Xmas Island - trickytreecko - 12-05-2017

I'm in

RE: Skyblock Xmas Island - OPEmeraldKing - 12-06-2017

Will it judged as build or as highest level island?

RE: Skyblock Xmas Island - whitelily36 - 12-07-2017

A build in case people decorate an existing island!