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12 Days of Christmas - whitelily36 - 12-06-2017

CFEW's 12 Days of Christmas

Here are some fun events that we will hold, starting on December 25th!  Winners will receive goodies/money!

1. Turn a house into a Xmas house (held at /warp minicomp2) -25th Dec
2. PvP Tournament - 26th Dec
3. Parkour Tournament - 27th Dec
4. Xmas Skin Competition - 28th Dec
5. CFEW drawing competition - enter your drawings on discord! - 29th Dec
6. Write a short christmas story using at least three CFEW players as characters.  Enter it on the forum! - 30th Dec
7. Discord Xmas Karaoke Battle on Discord - 31st Dec
8. Marshmellow hunt in MW - 1st Jan
9. Paintball Competition - 2nd Jan
10. Spleef Competition - 3rd Jan
11. Bedwars Competition - 4th Jan
12. Staff versus Players Pvp Competition - 5th Jan

[Image: LAuSDv3.png]

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - Coin_Star3 - 12-06-2017

Discord karaoke on discord?
Also marshmallow not mellow

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - trickytreecko - 12-26-2017

Waow rud ;c I can't Talk and rlly not sing

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - IamEgg - 12-27-2017

lol who cares if you can sing, and you should've asked for a headset for christmas

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - MudsyKipsy - 12-29-2017

Sorry about the other events, I've been too busy to do it but we come back on them later!

With that being said: The Drawing competition has started!
Enter your Drawings on our Discord server in the Drawing Competition channel:

Winners will receive a prize ^-^

Contest will close at January 6th 2018!

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - IamEgg - 01-21-2018

When do we get the results of the drawing competition? It's been like, idek. xD

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - MudsyKipsy - 01-21-2018

Oops..i forgot about it, my excuses!

Winners!! Big Grin

3rd Place: Eggy
2nd place: William
1st place: Suki

Also, a special mention to johaan for trying to draw in paint (Yaaaaaayyy)

Congrats everyone!

I will give you your prices asap! ^-^

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - johan - 01-21-2018

im offended

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - IamEgg - 01-21-2018

yay. and you haven't seen my drawings in paint lol. unless you remember the spikesykipsy stuff xD

RE: 12 Days of Christmas - FyreCT - 01-21-2018

I still have those saved to my computer..