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December News! - whitelily36 - 12-06-2017

December News!

Zombie Apocalypse Map (HW)

Thanks to everyone who joined in with our Zombie Apocalypse Map.  A huge thank you to John for putting this map together, and also to Mud, who did a fantastic job of decorating.  The winners of the map are:

Richest Person - Trickytreecko
Best Base - Mudsykipsy

[Image: e53u552.jpg]

Finally a huge thanks to Twist who just put together a promo of the map that we will be using in the future:

Christmas Events

We have a number of fun events happening over Christmas, see our list below:

1.  Secret Santa - sign up for secret santa and swap gifts with people on the server!
2.  Skyblock Island - make a Christmas Island for a chance to win $15,000!
3.  Decorate your town or favorite build for Xmas and let us know for a chance to win a special Christmas Crate Key and win some goodies!
4.  Play our Xmas Adventure Map (opening soon!)
5.  Join any of our 12 days of Xmas Events!

Don't forget to join over Christmas to receive your server Christmas presents too, we'll reveal the warps to them closer to the date!

MW News

The 2nd MW Dungeon is nearly done.  Hoping to have it ready in the next few days!

CW News

Our new monthly building competition theme is Christmas! Do /warp mediumcomp to enter!

Other News

Thanks for your patience lately as we moved the server to a new host.  The minecraft server now has its own dedicated server with 32GB RAM - previously we only had 6GB.  Hopefully you have noticed better performance, and this should be improved further soon as we adapt the server to a BungeeCord server.  This means our worlds can be split across servers, and yet they can all be connected together so you will hardly notice any difference!  However it now means less likelihood of plugin clashes, and also the possibility to add more plugins local to each server.

At the moment the plan is to adapt the server and to officially open our new 'network' on 1st January 2018.  However it will mean that we have to take the server offline for anywhere between 2 and 4 days.  We will point our IP to a small minecraft server where you guys can play together - options are a creative world to play in or maybe do a survival world and we can run a survival competition for a few days?  This will happen at the end of December.

Voters of the Month

Voters of the month for November are...

1st:  Firablitz
2nd: Trickytreecko
3rd:  Blastdroidz

1st prize receives $10,000, 2nd prize receives $7,500 and 3rd prize will receive $5000, in a world of your choice!

Thx to everyone who votes regularly, if enough of us vote it really does make a difference!

RE: December News! - Firablitz - 12-06-2017

Big Grin I wins again!

RE: December News! - IamEgg - 12-06-2017

Richest Person - Trickytreecko

Only because he was moaning that it's usually the richest person and not the best base.. don't deny it tricky >.>

RE: December News! - XxOblivion - 12-06-2017

I mean, since it wasn't necessarily stated clearly that it would be "best base" from the start (Apart from maybe in the LT), I can see how this may give people unfair disadvantages. Personally I only learned about this change a few days ago, so I had no way to even try to make the best base.

RE: December News! - whitelily36 - 12-06-2017

Sorry guys quick update!

The server is being taken offline shortly and is being converted to BungeeCord! It will be back up asap!!

RE: December News! - OPEmeraldKing - 12-06-2017

When will it be back up? You said it was gonna be quick lily :p

RE: December News! - whitelily36 - 12-07-2017

Ah yes down for between one and two days sorry!

RE: December News! - trickytreecko - 12-19-2017

me want sum1 to hav SOTM (Hypo_Star3)

RE: December News! - whitelily36 - 12-20-2017

SoTM is john!

RE: December News! - IamEgg - 12-20-2017

but we need a new one