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Need help getting started? - IamEgg - 12-23-2017

As you know, CFEW is constantly growing so we will have a lot of new players which will need help. But unfortunately, Staff can't always be online all the time, so I've made this thread for anyone which needs commands or is stuck on what to do.

You can also do /new, /news, /info and 
CW (Creative) commands. /warp cw
Creative is where you can build in gamemode 1 and have multiple plots. I've seen a few people get stuck on these commands, so I'm stating the basic. 

If you've just logged on and can't do /plot auto, try doing /warp cw then /plot auto instead. If you're in a bigger plot world and it doesn't work, then that means you're not a high enough rank to get the bigger plots, so make sure you're in the Small PlotWorld.

Flags; You have to be Explorer to use Flags.
It's pretty annoying to be working day and night, as time is switching, so I'm going to list some helpful flag commands.
/plot flag set time 140
For Mid-day and a nice feeling of the early afternoon.
/plot flag set time 1
For the evening, when it's started getting dark.
/plot flag set time 14
For the Sun to start rising.
/plot flag set time 14000

Adding people
We all need a little help on our builds from time to time. I decided to list these just incase. (Also, you cannot use builds for any Architect rank if people help you.)

/plot trust (username)
For someone to build on your plot 24/7, even if you're offline.
/plot add (username)
For someone to be able to build on your plot when you're online only.

For any other commands just do /plot help.

Survival /warp sw
We all get a little stuck on Survival sometimes. I'm going to list a few of the commands you can do when you start.

When you get to survival, I suggest doing:
/kit survive

Now you have 3 options on to make a house, you can:
1. Ask to join a Town. (To get to Town Portals go forward and left.)
2. Do /wild to get a random place.
3. Use a Custom portal to get to a place. (Forward and right.)
Don't forget to get a Helper+ to zone your build in you're in the wild!

Main world /warp mw
Main world is quite a fun place, but instead you have more /kit. And there isn't any towns currently, so feel free to start your own! You can just look up on the forums here!

This time you have to do /wild
We have a plugin called SlimeFun where you can have many more plants over the world, like Pineapples, cherries, strawberries and many more! It also brings in a lot more items into the game for example, grappling hooks, slime boots, and much more!

Just do /sf guide to get started on Slimefun!

Some commands server-wide!
These commands can be used server-wide, although some you might not be able to do since the server's permissions have been tampered. 

You should be able to do /weather clear in MW and CW.
This also applys with /time set day and /time set night.

If you need any help, just ask me!

Thank you so much for reading! It means a lot <3

-Eggy, a Helper.  Big Grin

RE: Need help getting started? - oah - 12-23-2017

Thank you!
This will help a lot!
Since I am a new person, here's a few more things I noticed. I'll add more as I notice.

MW server: has Slimefun and not MCMMO. has /fly.
It also has the uh, dunno the name, treefeller plugin perhaps. Use an axe at the bottom of a tree and the whole shebang comes down. And, it replants.
MW has a ton of /kits.
Warps: /warp xp is an enderfarm that does not suck, to get xp.
/warp SS is the store area you can buy and sell stuff.

SW server: has MCMMO but not Slimefun.

RE: Need help getting started? - IamEgg - 12-23-2017

Thanks Oah, i couldn't get everything since I was sorta in a rush :p
And I hope it'll help a lot, because I spent a lot of time on this xD
was gonna write about /warp xp but forgot x.x

RE: Need help getting started? - MudsyKipsy - 12-24-2017

Thanks for this information eggy. I bet that this will help out quite some players that are new to CFEW! Big Grin

RE: Need help getting started? - XxOblivion - 12-24-2017

Quick update: With the new system, you shouldn't be able to change the daytime nor weather in CW (and most likely MW). I'm not sure if this is a bug or if this was done on purpose, but I thought I'd still state it here.

RE: Need help getting started? - BudderoreGamer - 12-24-2017

Obli is right with the MW changing the time to day and night thing. Not even i have the perms to do that xD But, for MW, there is a Slimefun Tutorial at /warp sftutorial.

RE: Need help getting started? - Twiistaye - 12-24-2017

Yes and that’s a bug that we are looking at that should be fixed within the next couple of weeks. Could be a plugin that shouldn’t be there.

RE: Need help getting started? - oah - 12-26-2017

The MW shop sells spawn eggs, but they are currently working incorrectly; when you buy an egg, it gives you that white generic egg called spawn, which does nothing.

RE: Need help getting started? - IamEgg - 12-26-2017

Weird Oah, I got a llama egg which worked before o.o

RE: Need help getting started? - whitelily36 - 12-27-2017

Thx Oah, we will fix it asap!