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Char Get Honoured, mebbe? - Charlie396 - 01-04-2018

'ello, you!
My ign is Charlie396 and I joined 297 days ago (whenever that is)
I have been Elder 30 for a while now and decided I should probably apply for honoured.
Cfew has been a great server for me and I love the community aspect of it (wow, this is sounding cheesy xD)
I'd like to think I am dedicated and a reliable player on the server who helps someone if they need it. I guess I've been building up to saying 'Can I become honoured?'
-Okay, i'm gonna stop going on now

RE: Char Get Honoured, mebbe? - Lizzie396 - 01-04-2018

Charlie is a very dedicated player, I am friends with him in real life as well, so I know he can be trusted. He has been on the server for a while, and he has many friends.
He is happy to help people when they need it, he is extremely friendly (which I know from experience duh... Tongue).
He is fun to be around as well. He is one of the best players I know.

In my opinion, he deserves Honoured. CFEW is a place where he can be himself. And I think Honoured would help that Smile

RE: Char Get Honoured, mebbe? - GumbleyAthan - 01-04-2018

I definitely recommend Charlie.

RE: Char Get Honoured, mebbe? - whitelily36 - 01-05-2018

I recommend Charlie too!

RE: Char Get Honoured, mebbe? - Twiistaye - 01-05-2018

For sure!! Three recommendations gives you the go! Congrats!

RE: Char Get Honoured, mebbe? - MudsyKipsy - 01-05-2018

Dangit, i still recommend Charmander tho ;-;

RE: Char Get Honoured, mebbe? - Coin_Star3 - 01-05-2018

I recommend too anyway!

RE: Char Get Honoured, mebbe? - IamEgg - 01-05-2018

5 recommendations i barely got 3 ;_;