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Slimefun Cargo management channels - MiroYnot - 01-06-2018

Hey all. I try my best to explain waht´s wrong.  Cargo management is using channels. They can Be used as an item filter. U can use inputs, outpust, advanced outputs with any channel but the items goes through the cargo right into the end of signal. U can have one pair (input and output) setted to channel 7 maybe, and another pair or group of cargo nodes setted to channel 11, and It should work under one Cargo manager. Items from channel 7 cannot go through channel 11. But they can go. The channels dont work. All ither settings are ok. Maybe there can guick help to delete the config ini file, upload Slimefun plugin again, disable unwanted items from menu and restart server. Hopefully I explain this issue. Thanx MiroYnot

RE: Slimefun Cargo management channels - trickytreecko - 01-06-2018

It's a bug with 1.12, just use advanced outputs and it'll work

RE: Slimefun Cargo management channels - Spiketrooper - 01-10-2018

Aight since I generally know the problem (was the first to encounter it after my multiblock Ingotizer broke down), I'll try to explain the problem in a simpler fashion xD Hope ya don't mind Miro.

All right, so SlimeFun has a pipe system called the "Cargo blocks" which involves piping in, out, and between machines in an organized fashion. 1.12 suddenly decided to be like "Ah nope fam you don't get to organize your stuff anymore c:" However, as Tricky pointed out, using the advanced "Output" block instead of the basic one makes it work as usual.

I've been pondering how to possibly make this a fix that would solve the problem in the absence of normally working basic output blocks. If we could somehow make the recipe for basic outputs, the advanced version instead, that would temporarily fix the problem until a better fix comes along. The advanced version does very little other than move stuff faster anyways so it wouldn't unbalance it. Also a single advanced output is pretty fraggin expensive, I used my entire reserve of resources just to reactivate my Ingotizer. And I now have about a stack of unusable basic output blocks, which is a little annoying xD

Another fix would be to add an option to buy the advanced version for say 500-1000 a piece at SS. Simple method and I can show you how to set up SF shops, due to my experience with my own xD

Just some thoughts, if anyone has another idea please bring it forward xD