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I'm Back! - Da_Pola_Killa - 01-12-2018

Hello people of CFEW I'm back on the server but I'm not on my old account because I lost the information for it and I tried to do the forgot stuff and it didn't work so today as of 1/12/18 I will be buying a new account and I will be on often can't wait to see you all again thanks for reading.

RE: I'm Back! - IamEgg - 01-12-2018

welcome back pola! hope we can start again and forget about our argument.. x.x

RE: I'm Back! - Twiistaye - 01-13-2018


RE: I'm Back! - Hamishac - 01-13-2018

Pola! Glad to see you back buddy. I may be wrong, but I think you're also canadian!! eh? So welcome back my canadian pal Big Grin

RE: I'm Back! - MudsyKipsy - 01-13-2018

There's more of em now? Oh no..

Welcome back bear

RE: I'm Back! - whitelily36 - 01-13-2018

Hey Pola, welcome back Smile. Looking forward to catching up with you ingame!

RE: I'm Back! - XxOblivion - 01-17-2018

Pola, my friend, welcome back <3