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a /kit for slimefun - oah - 10-18-2018

It would be nice to make a one time /kit for SF people, stuff that's essential.
Once in awhile someone new shows up and I like to fix them up with stuff, but, a /Kit would be even better.
A kit that's not too overpowered would be a nice perk for people interested in learning sf.

I'll create a list and you nice folks can commend on whatcha think.

-Infused magnet.   (imo the best all around general item for SF)
-Coal generator.   it's a little advanced but, it's like giving new players iron tools to start instead of stone.
-Orange Energy regulator. It goes hand in hand with the coal generator, it makes them go. This is like giving someone on a deserted island a generator and saying 'here ya go, put it to use!!'
-A guilded backpack.  They are wonderful, Having 1 would make sf people strive to be able to make more fancy stuff.
-Tome of knowledge sharing of course.
-Portable Dustbin.  Here's an item that shows why SF is worth having!
-Green SF boots and pants.  I can wear any armor i want, but, i would rather wear these. it's just a couple slimeballs and wool, so, not OP. They really make SF shine.
-A diamond Tinker Pick.  I cannot remember a time I asked someone what pick they use and they said 'iron' and I didn't want to go get them a decent diamond pick to give it to them free! Nobody deserves to use iron picks.  The diamond tinker pick is kewl because it starts out as just plain diamond, but, the more you use it, the better it gets. Isn't that what we want? people to hangout and mine more?

I recommend an SF one time starter /kit of these items, all packed in perhaps a shulker.
Who doesn't deserve 1 shulker box, even on their first day.

I think this is a perfect starter kit I would be proud to give any new person.
I wouldn't feel like I was being too generous.
If my sister started playing on the server, I'd be happy to grab one outta my stuff and giving it to her, or any of the other people i've played MC with that wanted to check out SF.

Please give any thoughts on improvements, thanks!


Buubi's ideas:
add a glowstone hat to the kit.
add a stack of filled 'Flask of Knowledge' for xp.

RE: a /kit for slimefun - whitelily36 - 10-18-2018

RE: a /kit for slimefun - buubi - 10-18-2018

For starters, don't forget dispensers! you have to have a bunch of these to build your first manual machines. Maybe a glowstone armor piece, too. Hazmat suit is pretty nice (water breathing for the helmet, and fire/lava immunity for the chestplate) and just consists of black and orange wool, but I don't think it should be given out to everyone.
As far as I remember, if someone new joins, they don't have any SF knowledge (in terms of item usage) so on some items it'll say: "You don't know how to use this" or something similiar.
So in that case, add a few XP bottles to the mix.
The "problem" with the current /kits they can be requested several times.

RE: a /kit for slimefun - whitelily36 - 10-18-2018

Thanks Buubi! The kit will be a one time kit only and hmm.. can we make a tome of knowledge book that will instantly give them the knowledge to use their kit items?

RE: a /kit for slimefun - buubi - 10-19-2018

tomes are when freshly created useless.
Someone can bind it to his/her own knowledge (rightclick) and now if someone less knowing is activating it, he/she gains the knowledge of the previous "binder"
I doubt you can create specific tomes though. So a few XP bottles would be the easier solution. Can't remember how much XP specific items actually require though...

RE: a /kit for slimefun - oah - 10-20-2018

Thanks buubi for pointing out that the tomes need to be pre-filled.
I came up with an easy solution.
-Instead of adding the Tome to a kit, it would be simple to make a chest of tomes that are completely learned, and put them into a 'for sale' chest at /warp ss shop for no cost.
Having more than 1 wouldn't benefit anyone that's not shady, so people really would only take one cept the trolls, and it's easy to see who emptied a chest of them lol!

-Adding a stack of the SF bottles to a new kit sounds ok since a stack isn't OP and they'll come in handy sooner or later, but, keep in mind, we do have a couple of xp grinders (not to mention the mob arena) so xp grinding isn't a priority in Slimefun (once you have a full tome) and SF is a much harder grind than getting xp.

I wouldn't hand out hazmat suits all willy-nilly, but, a glowstone hat (so you can see in the dark) would be an excellent perk to add to a kit, a benefit of Using Slimefun.

As far as dispensers, you're right, those things are a pain, but, those are vanilla MC not sf.
Instead of giving out dispensers, I had an idea about making a 'public area people can use sf machines'.
We have /warp sftutorial, which was an ambitious attempt at a tutorial, and does a good job, but you can't use those machines.
I have some ideas about making a kewl SF public area people can go and do some sf stuff, but i'm not expert with how to protect areas on the server so I haven't put anything together yet.
A lovely place a new person can go use public basic machines is a fine idea, I've seen them on other servers.
When I had my old shop at /warp SS, I was setting up an autoenchanter and auto-disenchanter, but, we had that glitch and it was a setback, and I realized even if i fix it, i wouldn't know how to protect it properly yet, so, It got put on a backburner.

I'll add the great suggestions to the original post, and talk about a public SF area in another post.
Thanks for all the input, please keep the ideas coming!!

RE: a /kit for slimefun - oah - 10-20-2018

I actually spent time putting together shulkers with pretty much all this stuff and give them out to new ppl but, it's a lot of work making them over and over by hand.
I ran outta them pretty fast.

a /kit version would be great, but, I really don't know what can be done with /kit.
and I think just giving a new person the items would be a bit overwhelming if it all went into their inventory. They'd be full inventory and have trouble getting wood.
I picture the /SF kit as a shulker with all that stuff in it (cept the tome which can be picked up at /warp ss shop);
I dunno if a 'shulker full of stuff' can be given as a .kit, so, i was even thinking of a new person getting a coin to trade in for a shulker like that, but, we dont want other people asking to buy the coins from new ppl to get more.

Thanks for participating in the convo!!

RE: a /kit for slimefun - whitelily36 - 10-21-2018

Well we can always give them a free shulker box in the kit!

It won't be /kit though, but we can set it up so there is a one-off chest they can loot at spawn... their SF Starter Kit. With a few stacks of xp by the sounds of it!

Thanks for all your input guys, we'll get to work on it!

RE: a /kit for slimefun - buubi - 10-23-2018

to be honest, I wouldn't add a FULL tome, since part of SF is about unlocking the stuff, and it's pretty overwhelming to have everything in your guide book, and no clue on what to do next. a good start is enough imho, and if someone is really going with it, there are still XP grinders, and other people who are happy to help.

RE: a /kit for slimefun - oah - 11-07-2018

Starter Kit: 
-A Gilded Backpack.  They are wonderful, Having 1 would make sf people strive to be able to make more fancy stuff.
  This is what holds the kit.
-Full Tome of Knowledge sharing. (I already sell them for $1 each at my shop, so it's simply more convenient to add them to a kit.) 
-Infused magnet. One of my personal favorite SF tools. Essential. 
-Portable Dustbin.  Here's an item that shows why SF is worth having! 
-A Diamond Tinker Pickaxe.  Any nice person that joins a new server and makes friends, the first item a friend would share is a diamond pickaxe. 
-Quarter stack of Plastic Sheets. Plastic Sheets are important once you get fancy with SF, however, it's ridiculous how much effort it requires to go get them. 
 I have no problem selling them cheap at my shop, but 16 in a starter kit would suffice. 
-Buubi pointed out that the starter machines require a lot of dispensers, so I think a quarter stack of quartz and string would be good to include.  
-It would be kewl to give people glowstone helments so they get the chance to see how great sf is!