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I am not dead. - Claude_Faustus - 10-20-2018

So i have heard a few things being said about my disappearance and i would like to clarify why i am not currently around.
My University is freshly built and is currently having a-lot of problems with their systems, they block online gaming and have granted half access to it. I still however, cannot connect to any servers, this includes minecraft, League voice chat, discord voice chat, or servers that are hosted outside the UK. 
They said it should be working in the next few weeks but then again they said that 2 weeks ago... for now the LT will fill my place with a temp admin until i can connect again. I really miss you all and i am sorry for my sudden and long disappearance.
If you have any enquiries or problems with skyblock, you can still PM me on discord or talk to pickles about it.

Sorry again everyone, hope to see you all soon!


RE: I am not dead. - oah - 10-21-2018

Claude, miss you and congrats getting to join a brand new University!
I hope they work out their issues soon for ya!

RE: I am not dead. - whitelily36 - 10-21-2018

RE: I am not dead. - FyreCT - 10-21-2018

Nah she's definitely dead can confirm this was her ghost. But yeah hopefully you can join back again, you're missing out on spook-tober =(

RE: I am not dead. - baguetteface - 10-22-2018

RE: I am not dead. - Charlie396 - 10-25-2018

If only she was dead..

Anyway, you better come back soon, Claude :3 We haven't spoken in ages

متى سيتم إزالة الحظر المفروض على الخيارات الثنائية في الهند - cowkiller007 - 06-02-2022اسعار-الجنيه-الاسترلينى-اليوم/افضل-استثمار-57641/اين-اجد-رقم-ccp/كيف-اقضي-صلاة-يوم-كامل/